Our Gear (Measurement and Design Tools)
The Audio Bug, Inc. maintains one of the most extensive inventories of precision measurement equipment in Florida. All devices are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure consistently accurate results. This dedication to excellence is indicative of our commitment to providing our clients the finest services available. Our inventory includes the following:

Ivie Technologies IE-30A Precision Sound Level Meter & 1/3 octave analyzer with IE2P pre-amplifier (S/N 1800) & ACO Pacific Model 7013 ½" random response microphone, S/N 9434. Microphone satisfies ANSI S1.4-1974 and S1.11-1966 (R1975) requirements for Type 1 Sound Level Measurements. "A" & "C" weighting filters conform to ANSI S1.4-1971 Type S1A, S1C and IEC 179-1973. 1/3 octave filters satisfy ANSI S1.11-1966 (R1975) Class III.

Gold Line TEF 20 Computer-Based analyzer with parallel port interface

ProStar Model PS8814F 1 Pentium 4 laptop computer with 1GB RAM. Windows Xp OS - S/N PS203BJ222-50

Crown TEF 0.5 ½” measurement microphone, Type 1.5

Neutrik Audiograph 3300 Chart Recorder System, including the following modules:

  • Model 3302 Mainframe
  • Model 3312 Professional input
  • Model 3322 Professional output
  • Model 3332 Phase/Group Delay
  • Model 3314 Tracking Filter. Filter characteristics:
    • 1/1 Octave bandpass = ANSI S1.11-1966(R1975) Class I
    • 1/3 Octave bandpass = ANSI Class II and DIN 45652
    • 1/6 Octave bandpass = Narrow Band, > 40 dB/Octave

GenRad 1988 Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer ANSI Standard Specifications for SLM S1.4-1971, Type 1 IEC ISLM Standard 651, Type 1, S/N 005368

GenRad 1982 Precision Sound Level Meter and Analyzer ANSI Standard Specifications for SLM S1.4-1971, Type 1 IEC SLM Standard 651, Type 1, S/N 0446001005

Computer-assisted Design programs (CAD): E.A.S.E. 4.1, Stardraw 2007, and IntelliCAD 2000.


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